Tuesday, July 28, 2009

stay grounded

its crazy how many people jump off this bridge. heard people sometimes would leave what ever vehicle they came in parked and jump. only a handful of people have ever survived. they say if the fall doesn't get you the currents and temperature of the water will cause hypothermia and you will most likely drown. why someone would choose to end their existence on this plane in this seemingly dramatic way i have no idea. enjoy life people. these are just lessons we are learning. giving up should never be an option. we have all had crazy thoughts but change is possible no matter what people may have you think. stay grounded.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a nigga is a nigga?

This booking photo released by the Cambridge, Mass., Police Dept., shows Harvard AP – This booking photo released by the Cambridge, Mass., Police Dept., shows Harvard scholar Henry Louis …

BOSTON – Prosecutors dropped a disorderly conduct charge Tuesday against prominent black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., who was arrested at his home near Harvard University after a report of a break-in.

The city of Cambridge issued a statement saying the arrest "was regrettable and unfortunate" and police and Gates agreed that dropping the charge was a just resolution.

"This incident should not be viewed as one that demeans the character and reputation of professor Gates or the character of the Cambridge Police Department," the statement said.

Supporters say Gates — the director of Harvard's W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research — was the victim of racial profiling.

Officers responded to the home Gates rents from Harvard after a woman reported seeing "two black males with backpacks on the porch," with one "wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry," according to a police report.

Gates' lawyer, fellow Harvard scholar Charles Ogletree, said the professor had returned from a trip overseas with a driver, found his front-door jammed and had to force it open. He was already inside, calling the company that manages the property, when police arrived.

Police said the 58-year-old Gates was arrested after he yelled at an officer, accused him of racial bias and refused to calm down after the officer demanded Gates show him identification to prove he lived in the home.

Ogletree said Gates showed his driver's license and Harvard ID — both with his photos — and repeatedly asked for the name and badge number of the officer, who refused. He followed the officer as he left his house onto his front porch, where he was arrested.

Gates declined immediate comment Tuesday, and Ogletree did not immediately return a request to comment on the charge being dropped.

Gates joined the Harvard faculty in 1991 and holds one of 20 prestigious "university professors" positions at the school. He also was host of "African American Lives," a PBS show about the family histories of prominent U.S. blacks, and was named by Time magazine as one of the 25 most influential Americans in 1997.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


this was sparked by this couple that came into the store today. are you ready for this? it was what i assume to be a heterosexually gay couple. peep this the girl was a huge extra butch type in demeanor. extra mean looking. the dude was a extra flamin "heeey". he greeted our staff with so much sweetness...anyways the kicker is they had a kid together. love is simple although it might seem complex at times. i try my best not to judge, so this is just an observation. i started randomly web surfing with no particular thing in mind and i ran into this website. p4cm.com. i can't figure out what it means, or what it is code for. i've tried to sound it out, spell it out. i just don't get it. i am really trying my best to not be that person making fun of people but damn. what the fuck. i understand being open out the closet and proud, but damn, really. are the models getting paid? can they read? maybe its just a blunt truth that is hard to understand. this shit seems real personal to me. do you wear these shits to the club? church? on a date? hanging with the fellas?
p- for-see- em, maybe. i don't get it. these seem like sins. do you wear them to confession?
dude is putting up a gang sign, don't be confused. he looks like he is thinking about fornicating right now, and he should have tucked in his chain so i could read his sin easier.
she looks like she has a problem with mastubation? i wonder how many people would pay money to wear something that isn't usual conversation. i mean i am down with shocking subject matter, thought provoking ideas on shirts. i don't know, maybe you want to share some past truths about yourself. if so this may be the brand for you.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AHHH, NO!!!!

it think its cool other cultures admire our swag, our style and things and by no means is this racist in any way. this is just the difference between paying respect and doing too much. some re-makes on the run-dmc shit are cool, well done. like the obama run dc shirt, totally fresh. this is where friends should not let friends come out the house like this, let alone design a whole brand around this look. the gold chain makes me want to either choke him with it or beat him with it. this is not where we intended it to go. dude this is not an attack because you are white, this is an attack because your shit is wack and somebody has got to say something. maybe get paid, maybe get laid but we will not be getting rad any time soon bro. pure crap. if anybody knows this dude and he is more than a model for the company, just give him a hug and make him stop please. i mean the photographer, the model the designer, nobody stepped up to say this is insulting. so blah%$#%$#


this is my man spizzle: spice to most and now goes by long li or Da Traveler. give a brotha a passport and now he is Da Traveler. me and this dude actually lived together for a year or two can't quite remember. he was one of my best housemates ever. paid his bills on time. we used to play fighting video games. he was a sore ass loser. he would talk shit while he was beating your ass. but once i got a couple of moves down, got his timing down the tables turned and then he became mister excuses. when ever there was too much testaterone in the house we would just clear out the living room and start fighting. no punching in the face or anything mma, but it got pretty physical. he is kinda strong with freakish big ass hands, so i had to tap out most of the time.... but the last time we fought i won. he is a grand thief auto guru, he knew where everything was and would play till he passed out in his chair. we took this shot in the driveway of the house. i took the shot of the city i think earlier that week. i think him being bare footed gave it extra flava. we used this for an ad in YRB magazine that year. no offense to YRB but we aint advertising again till we can actually afford spent thousands of dollars for one page.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

raekwon, the chef

i shot this one in the atl i think in 06 @theloft, of course he killed it. my flash was fucking up big time. i had all access, i could have met the chef but i chose to not sweat those.. i know they usually be looking for hoes, i am not judging. i tend to let things come to me and just enjoy the experience without interpputing. so i let my man do his thing and managed to get a couple of dope shots.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

abdul's going away party**w/commentary

the man of the hour, brother abdul a warm hearted cool kat that all the true employees have had a pleasure of knowing the past couple of years. we all wish him well on his journey back home.
nick helped make the food. yo, that shit was so good. some people were so hungry they almost ate it raw, it looked like it was cooked already the seasoning was soooo gooood. dude needs to quit his day job and open up a restaurant already, stop playin'
jyhanne and her (mandingo) james. sporting a mc nas shirt. gotta love it.

jern and tat talking shit. the chick behind tat looks like she actually believes the bs coming out of his mouth.
the two shortest people on true's staff..awww how cute
this is jyhanne fake smiling and jayna promoting corona sara is the new managers girl and that is her lil sis joey in the back.
the infamous and impossible to reach hiro katsu assuming pimp mode..when one won't do
dean and joey and aj, i was just trying to get a shot of some of true's og's and then dean starts
bitchin like i am the papparazzi or something. like i was one of these cute sf girls taking pictures every five minutes. this shit is work, be nice maybe next time i will make sure to take a terrible shot of you to post.
somebody please sign rush-one please. i wasn't even taking a picture of him yet, but he is so ready to pose it's not funny. some people just love the camera...but its usually girls, much love rush-one, do your thing man i ain't hatin'
jayna rose and big booty nicole, this is nicole's "magnum look" just add some sauce. if you've ever checked her facebook you've seen this look before. "so sexy"
rome and chris are debating who is going to lose more money to me to me this football season. cam should be in the photo also.
cricket acting like she actually wanted me to take this picture. good sport girl.
marien all grown up yall, notice the off shoulder top, i think she actually had heels on also. oww!
daniel is the new mens store manager, he brought his crew along notice in the next shot his boy has got the same expression. i gave dude another chance but i guess this is how he wanted to make his debute.
ah yea
chapin and his ladies escaping to the "after party"
i almost got all the black people working on haight st in one shot. lol supreme making a rare appearance at a non dj non music influenced event.
the man of the hour. abdul

Saturday, July 4, 2009


this dude is soooo underrated somehow. one of the most influential voices and sounds in music history. if every musician did a fraction for the people as fela did we would all be in a better place. soon to be available in the freshest store near you, if not ask for it, and ye shall recieveth.