Tuesday, January 19, 2010

official: haitian relief shirt by mass confusion.

a good friend of mine gail brooks sent me an email, i hadn't talk to her in years. she said she had a friend that needed to find a haitian designer a.s.a.p to do this relief shirt for haiti. at the time i was so hurt by the recent events i was scrambling for how i could help my people. although i don't live there, i still have family there and i felt useless over 3000 miles away. so i jumped at the opportunity and have been going back and forth as you do in this field until i created something everybody on the team that hired me liked. of course i donated my time so 100% of the proceeds go straight to haiti. for those of you who know i am haitian and have asked how you can help, well here it is. the shirt sells for $20. and is available small to xl. mass confusion is not printing the shirt. i repeat mass confusion is not printing the shirt, so you have to go to this source to get one. the design is simple, but it is the proudest work of my life. those who know me well no i never ask for anything, and do my best to stand on my own two feet. but i need you all now...$20 will go a long way. below is some info on the company that hired me and a link to their site for more info on the shirt.

God Bless & Mercy
for Haiti

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