Thursday, July 16, 2009


this was sparked by this couple that came into the store today. are you ready for this? it was what i assume to be a heterosexually gay couple. peep this the girl was a huge extra butch type in demeanor. extra mean looking. the dude was a extra flamin "heeey". he greeted our staff with so much sweetness...anyways the kicker is they had a kid together. love is simple although it might seem complex at times. i try my best not to judge, so this is just an observation. i started randomly web surfing with no particular thing in mind and i ran into this website. i can't figure out what it means, or what it is code for. i've tried to sound it out, spell it out. i just don't get it. i am really trying my best to not be that person making fun of people but damn. what the fuck. i understand being open out the closet and proud, but damn, really. are the models getting paid? can they read? maybe its just a blunt truth that is hard to understand. this shit seems real personal to me. do you wear these shits to the club? church? on a date? hanging with the fellas?
p- for-see- em, maybe. i don't get it. these seem like sins. do you wear them to confession?
dude is putting up a gang sign, don't be confused. he looks like he is thinking about fornicating right now, and he should have tucked in his chain so i could read his sin easier.
she looks like she has a problem with mastubation? i wonder how many people would pay money to wear something that isn't usual conversation. i mean i am down with shocking subject matter, thought provoking ideas on shirts. i don't know, maybe you want to share some past truths about yourself. if so this may be the brand for you.


  1. man, i've been trying to figure what hat site mean 4 like 10 minutes and I'm good with riddles. this the sock and awe movement right here

  2. Not shirts I'd wear...I might say some of that stuff, but to wear it, oh no....