Tuesday, July 7, 2009

abdul's going away party**w/commentary

the man of the hour, brother abdul a warm hearted cool kat that all the true employees have had a pleasure of knowing the past couple of years. we all wish him well on his journey back home.
nick helped make the food. yo, that shit was so good. some people were so hungry they almost ate it raw, it looked like it was cooked already the seasoning was soooo gooood. dude needs to quit his day job and open up a restaurant already, stop playin'
jyhanne and her (mandingo) james. sporting a mc nas shirt. gotta love it.

jern and tat talking shit. the chick behind tat looks like she actually believes the bs coming out of his mouth.
the two shortest people on true's staff..awww how cute
this is jyhanne fake smiling and jayna promoting corona sara is the new managers girl and that is her lil sis joey in the back.
the infamous and impossible to reach hiro katsu assuming pimp mode..when one won't do
dean and joey and aj, i was just trying to get a shot of some of true's og's and then dean starts
bitchin like i am the papparazzi or something. like i was one of these cute sf girls taking pictures every five minutes. this shit is work, be nice maybe next time i will make sure to take a terrible shot of you to post.
somebody please sign rush-one please. i wasn't even taking a picture of him yet, but he is so ready to pose it's not funny. some people just love the camera...but its usually girls, much love rush-one, do your thing man i ain't hatin'
jayna rose and big booty nicole, this is nicole's "magnum look" just add some sauce. if you've ever checked her facebook you've seen this look before. "so sexy"
rome and chris are debating who is going to lose more money to me to me this football season. cam should be in the photo also.
cricket acting like she actually wanted me to take this picture. good sport girl.
marien all grown up yall, notice the off shoulder top, i think she actually had heels on also. oww!
daniel is the new mens store manager, he brought his crew along notice in the next shot his boy has got the same expression. i gave dude another chance but i guess this is how he wanted to make his debute.
ah yea
chapin and his ladies escaping to the "after party"
i almost got all the black people working on haight st in one shot. lol supreme making a rare appearance at a non dj non music influenced event.
the man of the hour. abdul

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