Friday, September 16, 2011

New Bart Sign Causes an Uproar.

New Bart Warning Sign
might be a little blunt but at least it is owning up. After recent protest at several stations over the past months Bart has finally come to terms to meet the public half way. "With these new signs we are reiterating that public transportation is a rider beware service. Our officers will shoot you without probable cause. We won't discriminate , although the percentages seem to go up the darker your complexion". This type honesty reminds me of my time in the south. Where the confederate flag is still the state flag for some states. Why beat around the bush. "We are Bart. We will shoot you". Ride at your own risk. We are not responsible for any of our actions, or your safety while you ride. "You people are lucky that we even run in your neighborhood. So please stop with all the protest inconveniencing people that have work to go to. We have money to make and officers to train." I ask why do bart officers even have guns in the first place. Fare Evaders must die, why else. Deadly Force and Transportation business as usual.

(bart sign is a parody. mass confusion is not responsible for any confusion this causes.)