Tuesday, July 14, 2009


this is my man spizzle: spice to most and now goes by long li or Da Traveler. give a brotha a passport and now he is Da Traveler. me and this dude actually lived together for a year or two can't quite remember. he was one of my best housemates ever. paid his bills on time. we used to play fighting video games. he was a sore ass loser. he would talk shit while he was beating your ass. but once i got a couple of moves down, got his timing down the tables turned and then he became mister excuses. when ever there was too much testaterone in the house we would just clear out the living room and start fighting. no punching in the face or anything mma, but it got pretty physical. he is kinda strong with freakish big ass hands, so i had to tap out most of the time.... but the last time we fought i won. he is a grand thief auto guru, he knew where everything was and would play till he passed out in his chair. we took this shot in the driveway of the house. i took the shot of the city i think earlier that week. i think him being bare footed gave it extra flava. we used this for an ad in YRB magazine that year. no offense to YRB but we aint advertising again till we can actually afford spent thousands of dollars for one page.

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