Monday, June 22, 2009

velocity atl

velocity pt3. this was the third shop, third version of expansion, and me waiting patiently for an opportunity to work. my boy really took care of me during this time so i really didn't trip.
always just appreciated the opportunity to learn and move forward. this is the kinda stuff you have to do when you try to start a business with no up-front captial. just waiting and waiting....dude in the red shirt ended up picking a fight with me in my last days there. i was so off and on that this place. i could tell he always wanted to try me, why? i have no idea. so one day it went down. i should have beat his ass, but i just defended myself and helped him the the ground as fast and gentle as possible. i didn't punch him but still everyone looked at me like i was a brother on the real world. i still got mad love for everyone that works there and wish them nothing but the best.

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