Wednesday, June 24, 2009


this is og as it gets, for those of you that still own this shirt, much respect much love, only we know how far we go back. the original color way is black shirt with different logo a brown bat that said blunt on it and red pants. created in florida, before computers. when we actually drew shit and had to cut it out of ruby paper. then take it to the film guy and pay mad dough to get film made for you to shoot your screens. very time consuming expensive process. now you fools can pretty much do everything from your computers. this was before the internet and cell phones, some of you probably weren't even born yet. hindsight i can see opportunities we missed. i knew the internet was going to change the game, but some people around me doubted and my dumbass let that shit influence me. i mean i was on it learning programs, but i couldn't afford my own computer at the time, so the process was a bit delayed. then i couldn't afford a high speed connecting. i was on dial up till i was ready to kill myself.

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