Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your words and thoughts have physical power - Will Smith

for some reason or another i have let myself go down and unhealthy path of late. funny thing is i know better. i think it is very interesting that when you know better but you still allow yourself to fail yourself. my thoughts of late have kept me trapped in a cycle that hasn't allowed me to grow or shine. i have been pointing fingers at others that i should just point at myself. i have gone from a very vibrant upbeat person to someone not fun to be around, questioning how i got here. the questioning part is not so bad, its the thinking i have no control over it that sucks. i haven't been taking care of my body, haven't been taking care of my mind and i haven't been feeding my soul. therefore everything around me that i love has turned its back on me and i find myself alone. it is a hard pill to swallow that we create our own experiences when our experiences seem to be one negative thing after another. i have decided to stop asking why and i am taking back control of what floats around in my head. i am eliminating the words don't, not and no from my everyday use. i am replacing them with can will and yes. it's funny the opposite of the word not and no is the same thing....yes. our manifestations are instant waiting for it is optional. you just have to believe and claim it as yours. i think will smith is such a wonderful person, he said some things to me last night that, like said i knew, but i guess i had to hear it again. take back control of your life and circumstances and shine baby.

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