Thursday, December 3, 2009

this ish here

i am pushing near the end of my third decade of life, and i can't remember ever seeing a disney animation flick that evolved the visual characterization of a negro character as the lead. Please correct me if i am wrong. So to see this beautiful princess have to hook up the the WB frog makes me sick to my stomach. The evil dude looks like samuel l. jackson, so if he lent his voice to this ish i am going to have a problem with sam. i know he works hard for the money and will do almost about anything, this here would be unacceptable. this ish is probably so jigga-booed out
it will make that star wars catastrophe look like a civil rights movement. america is getting bold and this is not progress. picture obama taking his daughters and their friend to see this.

some pieces on the street we love the haight.

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