Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Malcom X sow pure: BLACK REVOLUTION

introducing sow pure.
bay area producer learning on the job. this is his first release to the public. he still considers this a rough draft but i convinced him to share it with you all. prepare yourself to me moved. smooth rhythms and soulful sounds without musical samples something rare in today's time. i would describe his music as an imaginative fusion of genres from a hyper mellow zone out ambient to down tempo to acid jazz to hip hop to soul to funk and back.
on this particular experiment he attempted to blend malcolm X's 1963 black revolution speech to his music. his vision was to counter balance the mainstream with something mentally and spiritually stimulating. this might be a bit offensive to some, but we hear offensive music every day on the local radio uncensored. i want to assure you that we here are not racist and accept the view shared by malcolm to be those of the "establishment" and not each and every Caucasian person out there. with that all said please take the time and enjoy a speech that is slightly edited for artistic purposes of a very influential and often misunderstood man in our time.